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NCLEX-RN Process

nullOnce you have been accepted into the USA Nursing Program, the first step is to apply for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN®). Nurses must pass this computerized, multiple-choice exam in order to be eligible for American nursing employment. The exam, which covers five areas of nursing (medicine, surgery, pediatrics, psychiatry and obstetrics) is designed to test your knowledge and ability to provide high-quality patient care.

In order to go to USA and work as a register nurse you should the following:

- Aplly for CGFNS® registration process (appr takes 4-6 months)

-Apply for ATT (Authorization To Take a Test) (appr takes 2-3 weeks)

-Register for the NCLEX-RN® exam

1) Aplly for CGFNS® registration process

CGFNS® International (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools®) is an internationally recognized authority on credentials evaluation and verification pertaining to the education, registration and licensure of nurses and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Thare are to ways to apply for it:

-Apply online. You can do it here.

-Download application form here, fill it and send to CGFNS office.

You will get the answer from CGFNS® in 4-6 months.

2) Appling for ATT is actually the same, but you should do it right after when you get answer from CGFNS.

3) Registration for a test you can here.

Actually this is the end. It's not very easy process but it's the best way to pass NCLEX-RN® exam.

So good luck!