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Guidelines for Safety Devices/Restraints

  • Health care providers can legally restrain a client under certain conditions defined by the law and by the health care facility’s policies and procedures.

  • The safety devices/restraints must be necessary to meet the client’s therapeutic needs or to ensure the safety of the client or others.

  • The least restrictive type of safety device/restraint must be used first.

  • Use of safety devices/restraints must be accompanied by the health care provider's orders except in an emergency.

  • The client must be closely monitored when in safety devices/restraints.

  • Safety devices/restraints should be released periodically and the skin integrity of the area checked for breakdown.

  • Document all pertinent details including why the safety devices/restraints are being used and client's response.

  • Make sure that the orders for safety devices/restraints are written and updated according to the policy of the facility; more commonly every 24 to 48 hours.