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Joint Commission on Health Care Organizations Criteria for Making Assignments

 Assigning responsibility to nursing staff members for providing nursing care to patients is based on consideration of the following seven elements:

  1. Complexity of patient care: How involved is the care that is required?

  2. Dynamics of the patient's status: How often is the patient's condition changing?

  3. Complexity of the assessment: What is required to completely assess the patient's condition?

  4. Technology involved: Is the patient being monitored for complex or life threatening problems? Or is complex technology involved?

  5. Degree of supervision: What level of supervision is required by the nursing personnel based on their skill and competence?

  6. Availability of supervision: Is the appropriate nursing supervision available to provide the degree of supervision determined in number 5?

  7. Infection control and safety precautions: To what degree are universal precautions enforced. Are staff competent to carry out emergency, infection control and safety procedures?