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Radiation Safety Precautions

  1. Mark the client's room with appropriate signage

  2. Client must be placed in a private room

  3. Place wristband on client indicating that the client is receiving internal radiation therapy

  4. Plan care to minimize time at the client's bedside - maximum of one hour every eight hours

  5. Prepare meal trays outside the room

  6. Position items within client's reach so as to facilitate as much self care as possible

  7. Schedule only one radioactive client to a nurse at a time

  8. Ensure a long handled forceps and a lead container are in the client's room in case of implant dislodgement

  9. Use the forceps to pick up the implant to put in lead-lined container should it become dislodged

  10. Wear gloves when handling secretions/excretions of client receiving systemic isotopes; flush toilet twice

  11. Wear gloves while changing linens of clients receiving systemic isotopes

  12. Wear a film badge while caring for client to monitor exposure; have it checked per agency policies

  13. No pregnant nurses, visitors, or children allowed near client